November 5th, 2012 by darcy56

Get to know your Organizer

In my life, I have been a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher – something you may have known as Home Economics – and an Interior Designer, specializing in kitchen design.

During one of my attempts to complete a master’s degree, one of my advisers told me that I needed to decide if I was, “teacher dabbling in design, or a designer dabbling in teaching.”  It was a fair question. I enjoyed teaching but I couldn’t make myself buckle down and complete the requirements for permanent certification as a public school teacher. I loved designing, especially spaces like kitchens. Kitchen design is an organizational exercise long before it becomes a decorating project. I realized that I approached a kitchen design as a teacher; getting input from the clients to be sure I understood their needs, making a plan, and helping them understand why I designed the space as I had.

Professional Organizing is the perfect combination of all of my education and work experiences. It allows me to teach, create, and help people discover how their environment and management systems can be used to enhance their lives.

I work with individuals and families to create more space in their homes, their offices, and their lives.  It is my hope that together, we can create an environment that allows you to focus on the things that really matter.

– Lisa Higdon

Professional Organizing Albany NY

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