Organization is Not Really the Goal

Posted by Lisa_Hidgon_Professional_Organizer on July 20, 2012  /   Posted in Blog

So you’ve got the picture in your mind. Your perfect space. You know where everything is. It’s even all Martha with a bouquet of hydrangea on the table, or a matched fine writing set at the desk. Every thing has a place and is in it… but why do we want our homes and offices to be this way? What is the goal? Is the home magazine coming for a   photo shoot? Not likely.

The reason we strive for this picture of perfection is that we imagine that somehow our lives will be better if our homes looked like this, and to some degree they would. In an organized home, time spent getting ready for the day, and preparing meals, would be lessened. The less cluttered our physical spaces are, the clearer we can think and function. In an organized space, our stress levels and those of our family are lower.

Remember though, that the goal of organization is not to have a perfectly organized space. The thing with magazine shoots is that people rarely live in those rooms; and if they do, believe me, the room does not really look like that every day! If the end goal is perfection, you set yourself up for failure and increased stress.

The real end goal is to increase efficiency and productivity, to increase your peace of mind, and to make every day easier and more enjoyable. The way to achieve this is to become more organized in your spaces and habits. Organization facilitates these things. When you embrace this idea, it lessens the pressure for you to create perfection, and lets you make improvements over time, during which you will see life changing for the better.

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