La Rentrée

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Well, here it is, September first. Time for wondering what happened to summer, and the unofficial time for resolutions. It’s a new beginning – school starts for many, and it’s back to routine from vacations and summer’s party. We’ve got this last chance for do-overs before the holidays come to ruin all our plans again. The French call this time of year  “La Rentrée,” with adults taking advantage of the new beginnings as much as students. I’m thinking that if I start today and really try, I can lose ten pounds before I go to California in October.

Although a new start is always good, maybe we need to take a more long term approach. Very soon I’ll be writing Clear Thoughts about how to plan for and survive the Holidays. But how can the new habit, plan, diet, etc that you choose today bring you through the holiday season – not just to it? We have to give up the defeatist attitude about the holiday season. You know the holiday season starts with Halloween and runs through Valentines’ Day, right? Well not really, but it is so easy to start panicking when you realize that the day after Halloween is already November; and at the other end of it, why bother with New Year resolutions if Valentine’s Day is going to ruin them? We can psych ourselves out of almost anything.

Let’s look at it differently. From today, there are 165 days until Valentines’ Day. So let’s think long term. As I’ve often said, pick one thing. One of my favorites is the daily sweep. This is taking a few minutes each day to go through the house and put things away. I’ll never forget how great it felt the first time I had kept up with this habit and was able to have company coming without stashing piles of paperwork and untended stuff into closets.

If you start today, taking time once a day to deal with the things left around the house, and maybe do a quick cleaning of one room a day it will not be a big deal to decorate, and entertain come November and December. By then it will be becoming your routine. By January, you won’t have to start again. The holiday season won’t have disrupted anything. Instead your new habit will have enhanced and simplified your days.

So choose your goal today. Maybe even check off each day on the calendar as you do it. Don’t let one slip be your undoing. If you want to make a New Year’s resolution in January, it should be because you are excited about the success you’ve had with this one thing, not because you regret something that happened – or did not happen – over the holidays. On Valentine’s Day have some chocolate and enjoy your success!

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