Creative People are Rarely Tidy!

Posted by Lisa_Hidgon_Professional_Organizer on July 27, 2012  /   Posted in Blog

I had a sign on my refrigerator for several years that said, “Creative people are rarely tidy.” Now that I think about it, it was there for over 25 years! I found it in a gift shop in Wisconsin. I was there with my mother and we both agreed immediately that it was meant for me. Yes, me. The organizer. This is the truth. Organizing is not natural for me. It is necessary. I know that I function better when organized, but it is an up hill battle with plenty of backsliding. I think this makes me a better Professional Organizer. I can truly relate to the frustration of my clients, and show them ways work with their own traits.

Is it true that we creative types are generally less organized? It may be. We tend to be right brained thinkers who are known to be scattered and not particularly detail oriented. What is not true is the notion that we function better and are more creative in our messiness. Many of us love the “untidy” label because it gets us off the hook, but in reality disorganization is holding us back. Creativity takes place best in relaxed, calm, undisturbed places. Disorganization of our physical space slows us down and clouds our minds.  When your creative space is ready to go, you are ready to go. There are fewer distractions, and it is easier to find the supplies you need to let the creativity flow. This is true not only for crafters and artists, but for writers and cooks as well.

Begin by understanding that your workspace can be better, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. Sometimes we don’t even begin our creative pursuits because the space is not just right. When I started Clear Spaces Organizing, I was trying to create a professional office space in my basement. Meanwhile I was doing business from my dining room table. This kept me out of the real office; and it didn’t do much for the state of my dining room either. Then I decided to get just the desk in order in the office, and to begin working at it. Once I did that, I felt more like I was really in business. Bonus: while in the office I was looking at the space and considering what works for me. I ended up getting much more accomplished, in both organizing the office and conducting business.

Think about how your space needs to work for you. Choose one place to start. Begin using your space before it is perfect. You will see the immediate benefits of accomplishing something. Working in the space will give you a better feel for what you’d like it to be. Take notes on this as you work, and make small changes over time. This method can be especially helpful for those whose creative space is shared with other family functions.

“Creative people are rarely tidy.” Well, we might not be. We don’t have to be. I threw that sign out last year. Don’t let that be your label. Revel in your creativity. Creatively find a way to make your space work for you. It will let your creativity blossom!

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