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Credibility Assessment and Demonstration in On Line Self-Presentation

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Misrepresentation in On The Web Environments

An increased ability to control their self-presentation, and therefore greater opportunities to engage in misrepresentation (Cornwell & Lundgren, 2001) as discussed, online environments offer individuals. Issues concerning the possibility of online deception are normal (Bowker & Tuffin, 2003; Donath, 1999; Donn & Sherman, 2002), and narratives about identity deception have now been reproduced both in educational and outlets that are popularJoinson & Dietz-Uhler, 2002; rock, 1996; Van Gelder, 1996). Some theorists argue that CMC offers individuals more freedom to explore playful, fantastical online personae that vary from their life that is“real (rock, 1996; Turkle, 1995). In some online settings, such as online role-playing games, a schism between one’s online representation and one’s offline identification are inconsequential, also expected. By way of example, MacKinnon (1995) notes that among Usenet participants it really is practice that is common “forget” about the partnership between actual identities and online personae.

The online dating environment is various, but, because participants are generally searching for a romantic relationship therefore want agreement between other people’ online identification claims and offline identities. Internet dating participants report that deception may be the “main recognized drawback of internet dating” (Brym & Lenton, 2001, p. 3) to see it as commonplace: a study of just one online dating site’s individuals unearthed that 86% felt others misrepresented their physical appearance (Gibbs et al., 2006). A 2001 research study unearthed that over a quarter of internet dating individuals reported misrepresenting some element of their identity, many commonly age (14%), marital status (10%), and look (10%) (Brym & Lenton, 2001). Read More

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