Countdown to Summer

Posted by Lisa Higdon, Professional Organizer on June 14, 2013  /   Posted in Uncategorized

If you follow my Clear Spaces Facebook page, you know that I’ve been encouraging Spring Cleaning. Since May 29th, with twenty-two days until the start of Summer, I’ve been doing a countdown, and suggesting a cleaning task to do each day. Today with SIX days til summer officially starts, I thought I’d answer some questions about this venture.


  • Why did I do it?

Because spring in the great northeast has been pretty bad this year. We usually feel like it’s summer by now. We did have great flowers and the trees are green, but it seems to rain every other day, and it’s only been warm on a few days. It even snowed on Memorial Day! I thought that if we were getting something accomplished in anticipation of Summer, it might at least help our spirits.

  • Is it really spring cleaning if you don’t thoroughly clean every room from top to bottom?

According to the plethora of information that’s out there about Spring Cleaning, it would seem that if you don’t clean every room from top to bottom, you have not really done the job. I believe that this countdown is a way to make us more mindful about doing something each day to keep up with our homes. If you can do one thing, it is an upward trend.

  • So aren’t these just random tasks?

I’ve chosen tasks that don’t get done on a regular basis.  That’s what seasonal cleaning is all about.

  • I didn’t participate every day; or I didn’t complete some tasks very well; so my house isn’t really cleaned is it?

Ask yourself, “Was the house cleaner before we started the countdown?” If the answer is no, you’ve succeeded.

We now have SIX more days until Summer begins. That’s six more opportunities to take care of things that are so easily let go until “later.” When summer finally gets here we can enjoy – with fewer “shoulds” hanging over our heads.

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